Takeaway Menu

286 Princes Street

Phone 477 9373


Garlic Bread 5.00

Rosemary Bread 8.00

Olive Bread 9.00

Pumpkin, Roast Garlic and Jalapeno Soup 9.50

Soup of the Day - please ask

Green Salad 8.50

Greek Salad - feta tomato olives 10.50


Chicken, mushroom and cream on penne 18.50

Beef with red wine and rosemary on rigatoni 18.50

Carbonara, with bacon, parmesan and cream
    with fresh capelli 19.00

Chilli, tomato and mint pesto with red pepper and pine
    nuts on capelli 18.50 (add chicken 20.50)

Chicken, honey roasted pumpkin, roasted red peppers,
    black olives and tomato on penne 20.50
    (without chicken 18.50)

Mussels with tomato, mushroom, garlic and white wine
    on conchiglie 19.50

Black olive, basil and hazelnut pesto with feta, anchovy,
    and baby greens on spaghetti 19.50

Artichokes, capers, black olives and tomato
    on penne 18.50

Ravioli with parmesan cream sauce 19.50

Ravioli with tomato sauce 18.50

3 Pepper Penne - capsicum, anaheim and jalapeno
    peppers with tomato 17.50
    (add bacon 18.50)

Broccoli with blue cheese sauce on penne 18.00

Spaghetti with seasonal vegetables 17.50
    (add chicken 3.00)

Gluten free pasta available - add 3.00

Gourmet Pizza

Regular 22.50    Large 29.50

Chicken breast, apricot, ginger, prunes and Evansdale Farmhouse cheese and oregano

Artichoke, zucchini, black olive, sun dried tomato, capers, pine nuts and basil

Chicken breast, sun dried tomato, Evansdale Farmhouse cheese, pine nuts, purple sage and thyme

Chicken breast, mozzarella, caramelized onion, blue cheese and rosemary

Pulled Pork, Caramelised Apple, Smoked Cheddar, baby Spinach & Red Onion


Regular 17.50    Large 22.50

1  Ham Pineapple

2  Ham Pineapple Spaghetti

Regular 19.50    Large 25.00

3  Mexican beef, bacon, capsicum, jalapeno and oregano

4  Chicken, Mexican beef, mushroom, capsicum and basil

5  Chicken, red pepper, black olive, jalapeno and marjoram

6  Blue cheese, broccoli, tomato, parsley and basil

7  4 Cheese mozzarella, blue, parmesan, cream cheese
    and oregano

8  Bacon, anchovy, mushroom, black olive and oregano

9  Mushroom, olives, capers, jalapeno, capsicum and basil

10 Seafood, tomato, garlic, oregano and parsley

11 Shrimp, bacon, mushroom, tomato and oregano

12 Salami, ham, mushroom, tomato and oregano

13 Pepperoni, bacon, green olive, mushroom and basil

14 3 Chilli Peppers, mushroom, tomato and basil

15 Seafood, anchovy, jalapeno and oregano

16 Feta, salami, black olive, tomato and oregano

17 Pepperoni, anchovy, black olive, capers and marjoram

18 Smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomato, red pepper
    and oregano

19 Chicken, shrimp, pineapple, capsicum and basil

20 Chicken, cranberry and cream cheese

We do half/half pizzas - add 2.00

Gluten free pizza available - add 4.00


Chocolate and Mint Cheesecake 9.00

Tiramisu 9.50

Hot Gingerbread with Hot Chocolate Sauce 9.50

Hot Chocolate Cake with Hot Mocca Sauce 9.50